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Engineering verification and functional safety at a renowned performance venue


A staging equipment supplier.

The staging equipment supplier was engaged to deliver staging equipment for a major upgrade at a prominent opera and theatre venue in Sydney.


As part of the delivery of staging equipment for the $70m venue upgrade project, the supplier needed theatre engineering specialists to provide independent third party design verification for their specialised hoisting and staging equipment, in the disciplines of mechanical engineering and functional safety.


Recognising our technical know-how and experience in the theatre industry, Advitech’s chartered engineers were chosen to perform the independent analysis.

Our involvement in the project included finite element analysis and fatigue modelling for several powered hoisting system designs, as well as for complex orchestra and stage lifting systems, against the requirements of current Australian Standards including AS 1418 Parts 1, 2, 8 and 13 and AS 61508 for electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems.

Some of the equipment needed to be certified for person riding and had been designed in accordance with overseas-based codes.

Our activities included assistance with the submission of Design Registration to SafeWork NSW in accordance with the duties of a design verifier under WHS regulations 2017.


The venue owner, the original equipment manufacturer, and users of the systems can rest assured that the hoisting and lifting systems in their venue are designed in accordance with the relevant and current safety standards, enabling them to operate safely and reliably.