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Aboriginal Heritage and property

There are certain requirements when buying and selling property to check if it contains Aboriginal objects. The key question is, do I need to conduct an Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS) search?

Archaeologist Viki Gordon knows there is a general lack of awareness and knowledge about Aboriginal objects and heritage amongst legal, planning, and environmental professionals in both commercial environments and government sectors.

“The main legislation protecting Aboriginal objects in NSW is the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NP&W Act). The penalties for harming an Aboriginal object in NSW are considerable: up to $555,000 and two years' imprisonment for individuals and up to $1.1 million for corporations. Not knowing about Aboriginal objects is not an acceptable defence” stated Viki in her paper published in Convey – the magazine of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW.

Viki offers her ideas for Licensed Conveyancers regarding the impact of Aboriginal Heritage on property transactions. She has recommended a few simple steps to help mitigate complications arising out of the conveyancing process and the effect of Aboriginal heritage.

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"Aboriginal Heritage and property: what Licensed Conveyancers should know" click here or call Viki Gordon on 02 4924 5400.

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Buying or selling? What to do with Aboriginal objects... Oct 2017