Advitech Environmental is a diverse team of scientists, ecologists, archaeologists and engineers.

We provide environmental services to construction, resources, government and commercial industries throughout Australia.

Our experience and knowledge of legislation, standards and codes ensures you achieve your environmental goals.

We work closely with our customers to deliver a better experience and the right results.

Compliance and Reporting

We help our clients achieve excellent results in environmental management, auditing, compliance, legislative reporting, licencing and waste management.

Advitech provides mechanical engineering services


  • Annual environmental management plans and reports
  • Construction environmental management plans
  • Regulatory compliance and legislative reporting
  • Environmental monitoring for a range of environmental parameters such as noise, vibration, flora and fauna, heritage, air quality, light and traffic
  • Preparation of environmental management plans, waste management, water management and environmental auditing

Environment Protection Licencing

  • Preparation of licence applications
  • Licence variations
  • Negotiation with regulatory authorities

Carbon & Pollution Reporting

  • Compliance reporting to State and Federal regulatory bodies
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Systems (NGERS)
  • Energy Efficiency Optimisation Assessment (EEOA)
  • National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)
  • State of the Environment and corporate sustainability reporting