Advitech Environmental is a diverse team of scientists, ecologists, archaeologists and engineers.

We provide environmental services to construction, resources, government and commercial industries throughout Australia.

Our experience and knowledge of legislation, standards and codes ensures you achieve your environmental goals.

We work closely with our customers to deliver a better experience and the right results.

Advitech acoustic scientists are experienced in noise and vibration monitoring Advitech Environmental are experienced air quality consultants Advitech Environmental offer ecology consulting services for fauna and flora

Acoustics - Noise & Vibration

Noise impact assessments, noise modelling, sound power measurements, noise and vibration exposure measurements

Air Quality - Assessment, Odour & Dust

Air quality monitoring, air dispersion modelling, air quality impact assessment, and air quality and greenhouse gas management

Ecology - Flora & Fauna

Ecological assessments, habitat and fauna surveys, mapping and monitoring, nest box installation and monitoring, pre-clearance surveys and bushfire assessment

Advitech provides environmental compliance and monitoring for mining and industry Advitech Environmental provide planning and assessment for small scale to large industrial infrastructure Advitech have archaeology consultants and heritage specialists

Compliance & Reporting

Monitoring and compliance reporting, environment protection licensing and carbon and pollution reporting (including NPI, NGERS and EEOA)

Planning & Assessment

Planning investigation and advice, environmental assessments (including SoEE, REF and EIS), and government and community liaison

Cultural Heritage & Archaeology

Aboriginal and historical heritage management services including archaeology, cultural heritage management, project management and support