Greater Hunter Makers Festival

The Greater Hunter Makers Festival was an inspiring event that showcased the great manufacturing and technology achievements and capabilities of our region.

Join us at the Greater Hunter Makers Festival

Join the Advitech Group at the Greater Hunter Makers Festival coming up on 11-12 November at Newcastle Jockey Club (Broadmeadow). This inaugural event will showcase our region's innovators and manufacturers.

Nurturing Innovation in Your Business (Part 2)

Following on from our Executive Chairman Larry Platt's previous post about nurturing innovation in your organisation, he discusses the importance of agility - and presents the key characteristics of an Agile Organisation.

Artificial intelligence: The future of environmental monitoring

Imagine if the intelligent machines you are using to monitor the environment right now could not only talk to one another, but also learn from one another and help with the decision-making process. Imagine no more! Thanks to artificial intelligence, the future of environmental monitoring is here.

Nurturing Innovation in Your Business

Innovation is today’s go-to business buzzword. Everyone says they do it, but do they all understand what it truly means? More importantly, how can you make it happen?

The Advitech Group's Chairman Larry Platt offers his thoughts ...