Larry Platt recognised for innovation

The University of Newcastle recognised Advitech Group chairman Larry Platt at their annual Innovation Awards.

And The Winner Is ......

The Advitech Group recently hosted a stand at the NSW Mining Health, Safety, Environment and Community conference in the Hunter Valley.

We launched Intercepta - the latest product from Advitech Group member Acubis Technologies. Intercepta Smart Radar Camera offers mine sites the ability to monitor compliance with road rules on their site with a mobile, wireless, radar camera system......

What is STEM ?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. It seems everyone is talking about STEM. But is STEM anything more than a fancy acronym? And what has it got to do with The Advitech Group?
Government and industry continue to promote the importance of STEM to Australia's future. A recognised decline in science and maths participation in schools has resulted in high school programs that encourage participation in these areas of study and inspire a future career path in STEM. Federal and state programs, such as grants and tax incentives, support research, development, innovation and commercialisation of new technologies. Amongst all these ideas and programs is The Advitech Group who, like thousands of other Australian businesses, is fighting to withstand the pressures of a difficult economic climate....................

Acubis Technology News

Acubis Technologies continues to be a leading provider of turnkey communications solutions for the mining industry. Since joining The Advitech Group almost 12 months ago, Acubis has continued to expand its business and assist their customers to operate efficiently and safely.

Acubis recently joined the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA), the peak industry body representing the two-way and associated wireless radio communications industry in Australia........

Innovate Your Way to Better Noise Management


Noise management is one of the top three day to day management issues for mining operations.

It is inevitable that large scale mining operations will generate noise. When you combine this with near neighbours, it is no surprise that noise impacts will occur.

But how do you know whether noise is an issue for your operation? And how do you innovate to ensure your noise management dollars are spent wisely?

Compliance is just the beginning. You cannot achieve compliance without a thorough understanding of the noise generating aspects of your operation and the potential receivers of that noise. If you want to add value to your business and maximise productivity, then understanding and controlling your noise profile is essential.

If you don’t measure your noise profile, then you cannot manage it.  This is fundamental to establishing your business position in relation tonoise management. You must be on the front foot – you are not in a good position if your noise management relies on your neighbours complaining that you are too noisy.

To be most effective, the management of noise needs to be driven by your business.  It must be integrated with your operating philosophy and managed like any other constraint to the sustainability of your operation. Noise management is not separate to production planning or mine design.  In fact, it is integral to these processes in order to maximise your productivity.............

Integrated Noise Management goes live


The Advitech Group launches Integrated Noise Management

In recognition of its collective acoustics experience, The Advitech Group has launched Integrated Noise Management. This is a collaborative, whole-of-business approach to noise management with a focus on providing value beyond compliance.

Leveraging the data already being collected via environmental monitoring systems, mine operators are enabled to make more informed decisions on how to best address noise challenges. Customers are seeing many benefits of this integrated approach - maximising productivity, getting the most from noise management budgets, and meeting the needs of all relevant stakeholders............